5 Things to Do Before Trading in Your Old Phone

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Apple is expecting to release more information about the new Iphone 12 on October 13th, 2020. Is all the buzz about the new smartphone making you itch to upgrade to a new phone? You might be wondering – “how do I trade in my old phone for the most cash and get the new iPhone 12?”. Great question! Here are 5 ways to help you get that new Iphone AND top dollar for your old phone!

1. Repair your phone first

Often times when you have an old phone, it’s really seem some tough love. You might have a cracked screen, or your phone won’t charge at night when you plug it in. All of these are common issues for any older phone you’ve had for a while. In order to maximize your dollar towards your new phone, make sure to get these issues fixed. If you don’t get your Iphone screen repaired, you might get nothing for it. You might think it doesn’t matter, but fixing your phone could fetch top dollars. Taking the time to get it fixed helps ensure you get more money!

2. Make sure you have all the parts

You might think that having the original phone charger doesn’t matter. When you are looking to make money off it, that’s simply false. Resale shops may not care so much about the box, but to sell your phone for top dollar, original condition is best. The closer you have your phone to original condition, the more appealing. It also shows that you took great care of it, increasing it’s value!

3. Trade it in or sell for cash

The question people always ask when looking to trade in their old phone is, how much cash or money can I get from it? The answer is that it depends. There are numerous factors to whether or not you will receive top dollar, but one factor that some people don’t think about is: Sell it for cash or Trade it in? We can assist you with that! Let’s explore your options to see what works best for you.

Sell your phone for cash

This option is great for you to trade in your phone for cold hard cash. You can get a great price for your phone if you sell it for cash (especially if the other steps in this article are followed) and it allows you to take a look at our phone options if you aren’t sure which size or model phone you are interested in. You can also use your cold hard cash as a down payment on your next phone, which can lead to lower monthly payments if you are financing.

Trade in your phone for credit

This is buy far the easiest option and has numerous benefits that most don’t think about. Some companies will run promotions when a new phone (especially Iphones) come out, to help people who are looking for a newer phone get more money for their old one. This typically looks like an “extra $100 towards your trade-in” or it also may come with an option to finance your phone monthly at a lower cost with a guaranteed phone finance. You can get some great deals trading in your phone and even more so when deals are going on.

4. Clean it

Don’t forget this step. The cleaner your phone the better, which often makes for more money if you are looking for a new phone. If your screen has fingerprints all over it and your speaker has ear crust in it, then chances are no one is going to want to buy your phone. Presentation matters. 99% of the time, your phone will be inspected regardless of where you take it to assess it’s condition. Dirty phones appear poorly maintained and may cost you money.

Back it up and wipe it

You’d be surprised how often this one small part is missed when trading in a phone. This step is so important, we made sure to put it in the top five things to do before either selling your phone or trading in your phone for cash. Don’t forget to back up your phone so you don’t lose your 1,500 photos that you’ve taken over the past year. You can easily back it up to the cloud before you come in, or make sure to do it before you hand it over to get it inspected. Then after you get your phone backed up and everything transferred over on your new phone, wipe the memory! Don’t leave your personal information and photos on the old device to ensure no one takes your stuff.

5. Time it right

Do your research. The new Apple Iphone comes out in the fall almost every year. Normally around the time a new phone is released, carriers and shops will do promotions where they will either give you more money for your trade-in, cash or they may have special financing terms such as cell phones with no credit check and no deposit. Time it and play your cards right, and you may be able to snag even more special promotions and cell phone financing!

Now you’re ready for the new iPhone 12 and any new phone! Stop in to Jaytronixx today at our Highpoint location or Greensboro location to take a look at the new iPhone or shop online at Highpoint or Greensboro.