Why You Should Use an Authorized Apple Service Provider

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Let’s run through a scenario. Your Apple Iphone’s screen cracks and you look around to get it repaired. You google that there is an electronics repair service right down the street from your house and plan on taking it there. When you get there, you hand over your device and leave feeling good. They call an hour later and let you know your device is ready, and you head in to pick it up. After picking up your device, you notice that your phone is now telling you the screen is not a genuine screen. You decide to do some research and find out that problems can start if using non-genuine Apple repair parts. In addition, you spent nearly $300 getting your screen fixed and aren’t sure it’s actually fixed.

We never want you to be in a situation like this. So before you head into an unknown store to do your apple screen repair or apple device repair, let’s lay out what could happen if you go to an unauthorized service provider and what that could mean for your safety.

Authorized Apple Repair Service versus Unauthorized Repair Service

Authorized Apple Repair Service

Jaytronixx is part of what is called the “Independent Repair Providers” program through Apple. This simply means that we offer out-of-warranty repairs for Apple devices including iPhones, Mac, and iPad. As an Apple-authorized service provider, we have access to Apple’s genuine parts, tools, training, diagnostics, and resources to perform repairs. This often includes Apple computer parts/Mac parts, Apple iPhone parts, and more.

Unauthorized Repair Service

These companies are not using authorized Apple OEM parts. The parts that these companies usually use are aftermarket and can pose some serious risks to you when operating your Apple device. It may not seem like a big deal, but the problem with aftermarket parts is that you don’t know their quality and how they will hold up. You can get something replaced for $50, but then risk your phone catching on fire or not operating properly. You also don’t know if they are using the right protocols when repairing, which could result in further damage. This may mean that they’re either buying cheap parts, or they have shoddy labor, which can also cause an issue. On the newer phones such as the Apple Iphone 12, if the camera is replaced, the phone stops working properly. Let’s talk about what further damage could look like.

Phone Damage

Your first thought when trying to repair your device is trying to pick somewhere that’s fast, friendly, and cheap. Well, we are here to tell you that there’s more to that than meets the eye. One of the problems that come from using an unauthorized repair center is the phone damage that can and most often results. This includes overheating and even injury to you from the device. Your touch screen functionality might not work correctly. Your ambient light sensor might not work correctly and your display may not be correctly calibrated and more.

You’re Flagged Permanently

After you go to an unauthorized repair shop, Apple is able to tell that their genuine parts weren’t used. They are able to permanently flag your device that shows it having undergone unauthorized repair. If you’re still inside the Apple Warranty window, you automatically void your warranty by doing an unauthorized repair.

Why does it matter?

You might be asking yourself, well why does it matter? I can just take my chances and be good. In reality, there are many benefits to making sure to come to Apple repair centers like Jaytronixx for your repairs.

The Benefits

The Apple IRP program is heavily regulated by Apple, which ensures those stores deliver exceptional customer service to the highest level. As Jaytronixx is an authorized Apple service provider, when you come to us, you are getting the best possible service with all the original equipment manufacturer parts. Some other benefits of coming to Jaytronixx for repairs include:

  • Obtaining parts directly from Apple in order to complete repairs
  • All our technicians go through technician certification which educates our staff on conducting proper Apple diagnostics, repairs, modifications, alterations, and upgrades on all Apple products
  • We continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards, and demand excellence with all of our repairs which sets us apart from the rest
  • Access to OEM tools
  • Access to diagnostic software from Apple
  • Inclusion in Apple’s resource locator system, which enables you to find our nearest store via the Apple website

Now that you know and understand why it’s important to go to an Apple Authorized repair center, make sure to research a store within Apple’s IRP first before getting your Apple device repaired. We are continuing to use the most premium, highest grade aftermarket parts for all of your devices. If you are in the High Point, NC and Greensboro, NC areas, we are the only authorized 3rd party repair store in the area! Come in or call us today to get your Apple device repaired. As a part of the IRP program, you know you are getting quality repair on all of your Apple devices!