The Secrets to Know Before Buying a Used Phone

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Are you looking around for your next phone? It could be that you are looking for either a new or used phone or just trying to find a good deal. If you are in the market for a new phone, a used phone is a sure way to go. You have the ability to save money, get it faster, and potentially have it last longer. Do you know what to look for when buying a used phone? Sure, you can easily grab a phone off of Facebook for $50 or off Craigslist, but do you really know what you’re getting? If the answer is either “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know”, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t worry, though. Luckily Jaytronixx is here to help you unravel the secrets you should know and be asking before you buy a used phone.

Is it really unlocked?

You could easily check out Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to snag a phone for under $100. Do you truly know what you’re getting? Do you know for a fact that you can use it and it’s unlocked? Surprise, surprise. There are people on websites and resell places such as selling locked phones. Some of those phones that are being sold are actually still financed and still under carrier obligations. This can be done by using a bypass chip, and this chip only lets your SIM card work temporarily on the phone. What happens is that anytime your phone sends out an update, you have the potential to be locked out from your phone completely. What does this mean for you? You have no control if this happens, and you can be in the middle of traveling, in an emergency and suddenly you no longer have a working phone.

So how do you avoid this? The best option is to buy a certified pre-owned device from a reputable business. That is the absolute best option, so you know for a fact that you are not gambling your money. However, if you still want to take a chance, you can run what is called an Apple GSX report. This report will tell you if the device you’re trying to buy is unlocked or only “bypassed”. This feature also allows you to check if the device has any outstanding balances due and much more. Jaytronixx can run this check for you free of charge by messaging us here.

Is it paid off?

Another common issue we see from people buying off the Facebook Marketplace or a marketplace type site is that phones can still have payments left on them. When you purchase a new phone, you can take out the full price of the phone in installments or payments allowing you to afford the phone faster. Often times, people can no longer meet the payment obligation on the phone or want a new one and don’t want to pay it off. That’s where you come in, without doing research. You may be susceptible to purchasing a phone still under a payment plan. When that happens, if more than two payments are missed, that carrier can and does blacklist the phone, essentially rendering it useless. Ensure that you do your research and make sure the phone is not under any outstanding financial obligations before purchase.

Is this a replacement device?

When searching for a used phone, make sure you know what its history looks like. Has this device ever been swapped out by an insurance company or carrier? Has this phone had parts replaced? Has it had any issues? These are all questions you need to know the answer to before you purchase. Often times, replacement devices are riddled with low-quality aftermarket parts. Not all aftermarket parts are reputable, and most don’t ensure the phone will continue to function. Sometimes low-quality aftermarket parts are put in the phone to keep it functioning until it is sold, and then it breaks. The aftermarket parts are not necessarily a con, however, there is a difference between low-quality and high-quality aftermarket parts, and buying from a reputable business will ensure you aren’t throwing your money in the wind.

It can be blacklisted.

If you’re still thinking about buying a pre-owned or used device on a marketplace site at this point, there is another viewpoint you need to consider. Just because you paid the person for the device doesn’t mean they are done with it. Scary, right? What we mean is that some people will sell a phone, then turn around and file a lost claim with their carrier. The old owner of the phone potentially gets some kind of compensation or replacement, all the while still taking the money from you. When a phone gets blacklisted, however, the carrier essentially shuts off the phone permanently, rendering it completely useless. So not only are you out of money, but you are also stuck with a useless brick for your phone and will have to purchase a new one. Start in the right place the first time, and don’t take that chance. Make sure you come into Jaytronixx, where you know you will have a quality product and no issues.

Where’s it been?

One last item you want to be aware of before reaching out a buying a used phone: where has it been? This may seem cryptic to say, but how do you know it hasn’t’ been dunked in a tank of water or thrown out of a car and just its screen replaced? There is more under the hood than what the eye can see. If the phone has been exposed to liquid, there is potential damage on the inside that you may have to deal with later. If it’s been thrown out of a car, the obvious repairs can be done (such as a screen repair) to fix its appearance. Again, you don’t know if anything else was damaged when it was thrown.

The greatest secret of all: Jaytronixx is the answer. You will know 100% of the answer to any of these questions when you look at purchasing a used device from our store. You will not have to wonder and be afraid that you might be throwing your money out of the window. All of our pre-owned devices are certified and come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Come see us in person at our Highpoint location or Greensboro location, or reach out to us online and on Facebook!