The Secrets to Know Before Buying a Used Phone

Are you looking around for your next phone? It could be that you are looking for either a new or used phone or just trying to find a good deal. If you are in the market for a new phone, a used phone is a sure way to go. You have the ability to save money, get it faster, and potentially have it last longer. Do you know what to look for when buying a used phone? Sure, you can easily grab a phone off of Facebook for $50 or off Craigslist, but do you really know what you’re getting? If the answer is either “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know”, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t worry, though. Luckily Jaytronixx is here to help you unravel the secrets you should know and be asking before you buy a used phone.

Is it really unlocked?

You could easily check out Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to snag a phone for under $100. Do you truly know what you’re getting? Do you know for a fact that you can use it and it’s unlocked? Surprise, surprise. There are people on websites and resell places such as selling locked phones. Some of those phones that are being sold are actually still financed and still under carrier obligations. This can be done by using a bypass chip, and this chip only lets your SIM card work temporarily on the phone. What happens is that anytime your phone sends out an update, you have the potential to be locked out from your phone completely. What does this mean for you? You have no control if this happens, and you can be in the middle of traveling, in an emergency and suddenly you no longer have a working phone.

So how do you avoid this? The best option is to buy a certified pre-owned device from a reputable business. That is the absolute best option, so you know for a fact that you are not gambling your money. However, if you still want to take a chance, you can run what is called an Apple GSX report. This report will tell you if the device you’re trying to buy is unlocked or only “bypassed”. This feature also allows you to check if the device has any outstanding balances due and much more. Jaytronixx can run this check for you free of charge by messaging us here.

Is it paid off?

Another common issue we see from people buying off the Facebook Marketplace or a marketplace type site is that phones can still have payments left on them. When you purchase a new phone, you can take out the full price of the phone in installments or payments allowing you to afford the phone faster. Often times, people can no longer meet the payment obligation on the phone or want a new one and don’t want to pay it off. That’s where you come in, without doing research. You may be susceptible to purchasing a phone still under a payment plan. When that happens, if more than two payments are missed, that carrier can and does blacklist the phone, essentially rendering it useless. Ensure that you do your research and make sure the phone is not under any outstanding financial obligations before purchase.

Is this a replacement device?

When searching for a used phone, make sure you know what its history looks like. Has this device ever been swapped out by an insurance company or carrier? Has this phone had parts replaced? Has it had any issues? These are all questions you need to know the answer to before you purchase. Often times, replacement devices are riddled with low-quality aftermarket parts. Not all aftermarket parts are reputable, and most don’t ensure the phone will continue to function. Sometimes low-quality aftermarket parts are put in the phone to keep it functioning until it is sold, and then it breaks. The aftermarket parts are not necessarily a con, however, there is a difference between low-quality and high-quality aftermarket parts, and buying from a reputable business will ensure you aren’t throwing your money in the wind.

It can be blacklisted.

If you’re still thinking about buying a pre-owned or used device on a marketplace site at this point, there is another viewpoint you need to consider. Just because you paid the person for the device doesn’t mean they are done with it. Scary, right? What we mean is that some people will sell a phone, then turn around and file a lost claim with their carrier. The old owner of the phone potentially gets some kind of compensation or replacement, all the while still taking the money from you. When a phone gets blacklisted, however, the carrier essentially shuts off the phone permanently, rendering it completely useless. So not only are you out of money, but you are also stuck with a useless brick for your phone and will have to purchase a new one. Start in the right place the first time, and don’t take that chance. Make sure you come into Jaytronixx, where you know you will have a quality product and no issues.

Where’s it been?

One last item you want to be aware of before reaching out a buying a used phone: where has it been? This may seem cryptic to say, but how do you know it hasn’t’ been dunked in a tank of water or thrown out of a car and just its screen replaced? There is more under the hood than what the eye can see. If the phone has been exposed to liquid, there is potential damage on the inside that you may have to deal with later. If it’s been thrown out of a car, the obvious repairs can be done (such as a screen repair) to fix its appearance. Again, you don’t know if anything else was damaged when it was thrown.

The greatest secret of all: Jaytronixx is the answer. You will know 100% of the answer to any of these questions when you look at purchasing a used device from our store. You will not have to wonder and be afraid that you might be throwing your money out of the window. All of our pre-owned devices are certified and come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Come see us in person at our Highpoint location or Greensboro location, or reach out to us online and on Facebook!

How to Celebrate the Holidays Virtually This Year

It’s no secret that this year has been hard. With everything shifting to the virtual landscape, imagining what the holidays are going to be like is a bit scary. It doesn’t have to be. With the introduction of virtual meetings, Zoom, and FaceTime, the Holidays can be a bit more enjoyable this year. Being able to see family members this year is still possible. Before you get ready to spend time with your friends and family on Skype though, there are a couple of things you are going to want to do. There are a few things that you simply want to make sure you do, otherwise, this holiday may not be so merry and bright after all!

Virtual Get Together Does it Work?

It seems simple, but depending on how old your device is, it may not be. Make sure you check to see if your camera is working. Is your laptop so old that the camera is slow to turn on or won’t turn on at all? Did you put a piece of tape over the camera for 5 years? It might have leftover residue that is hard to clean off. You don’t want to be waiting until the last minute to clean it. Does the FaceTime app on your tablet keep crashing? These are all things you want to be prepared for before that precious time with family rolls around!

Is it the Right Size?

Remember that 11″ Macbook you bought when you were in college? You’ve confirmed it works, but does the screen look smaller to you? Yes, it has definitely gotten hard to see on the screen! If the screen is hard to see on, you may have trouble seeing your friends and family! If that small Macbook is just too small for you nowadays, sell your laptop for cash at Jaytronixx! The best part about buying a new laptop during the holidays is the no credit check, no deposit!

Bad Picture, Bad Times

This may go without saying, but if your cell phone or tablet is running slow or the picture/camera is pixelated or fuzzy – it’s time for a new one or a repair. How can you see your family if the picture is pixelated? Or if your phone is running slow, chances are you either need a new phone or a repair which Jaytronixx does both! Sell old phones, get deals on new phones or trade-in your phone for cash! Right in time for the holidays.

Can You Hear Me?

Can you hear me now?

“Is the sound working? Is this thing on? Can you hear me?” You definitely don’t want to be doing this during the time with your family this year. Not only does it get to be a pain, but it also takes away time from your family that you could be enjoying. Before you hop on that holiday call, make sure you check your sound is working beforehand so everyone can hear you. Found out your sound isn’t working or it’s working poorly? Upgrade! Sell your tablet for cash, sell your phone for cash, and get a new or pre-owned one today.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting! The holidays are quickly approaching! Visit us in Greensboro or Highpoint today for your new or pre-owned tablet, phone or laptop. Or schedule a repair online today! Also check us out on Facebook and schedule a repair or contact us there today!

3 Reasons to Give the Gift of Cell Phone Repair

Looking for some advice to take the stress out of gift-giving this year? Why not consider giving the gift of cell phone repair? Hear us out! It’s that time of the year again, were shopping for presents starts. That fear and anxiety of what to get your loved ones starts. With so many options to choose from, it can be very overwhelming. You want to pick something that is both thoughtful and practical but also appreciated. You also want to make sure that whatever you decide on doesn’t end up in the trash.

Why is it a Good Idea?

Getting a loved one’s cell phone repaired or even an electronic device can be life-changing. When someone’s phone breaks and they can’t get it repaired immediately, new stress is added to their lives. With the number of things that depend on working cell phones and electronics, most people can’t afford to not have a working phone. The holidays are normally a stressful time for most. Bills, trying to get Christmas presents – they may not be financially able to get it repaired. Give a gift that keeps on giving!

Why Should I?

Ease the Burden, Save Some Cash

Easing the burden for your gift receiver during the holidays is one of the best gifts to give! If they have a broken or cracked phone but they may not have the cash to replace it, repairing is a great idea! This will not only help them save some cash, it’s affordable, and something they would never expect! The gift of surprise is one of the best gifts to give during the holiday season! Jaytronixx also offers gift cards to make repairing easier!

It Won’t Get Thrown Away

How many times have you been given a gift that sits in the closet for years to come? Or received a gift that you threw away after the new year? This year, don’t let that happen to your gift receiver! You know that if you give the gift of cell phone repair at Jaytronixx for your loved one, they will continue to use it for a long time to come!

It’s Practical and Thoughtful 

Why wouldn’t you want to give a gift that is practical, thoughtful and of course, affordable! If your loved one is going to use their cell phone for their everyday tasks, it just makes sense! This is a good spend for you and for your loved one. This is also an unexpected gift that some don’t expect! Being able to give this gift to someone is special, and has the element of surprise! It is perfect for keeping them guessing ’till the end and being super thoughtful.

If you are stumped about what to get your special someone for the holidays, look no further! Consider the gift that keeps on giving by fixing their cell phone! This also is a good gift idea for electronic devices such as tablets and laptops too! Head into Jaytronixx in Greensboro, Highpoint or go online today to get started!


The Secret of 5G and Your Old Phones

With the new 5G cell phones, many people are starting to wonder how 5G connectivity impacts their mobile devices. The big question that is brought up is: will my phone be obsolete soon? There is a lot of speculation and talk surrounding the use of 5G and how much quicker the service is. How does this tie into your current cell phone and service? Will you have to shell out money to buy a new phone soon? Let’s talk about this and how 5G impacts you.

What exactly is 5G?

5G is the newest version of cell phone networks. You’ve probably heard the term 4G or LTE, which is what our current phones operate on. With this new 5G network, speeds are supposed to be even faster than the current LTE. It is said to operate on about 20 gigabytes per second. What is the point of this faster speed you may ask? With the ever-increasing demand for real-time data, 5G enables users to see data almost as it happens. Those football and basketball scores? That is real-time data that requires a good deal of speed to stay current on.

Why does 5G matter to me?

The interesting thing about 5G is that it is very new to the market. There are still many enhancements to be made, but eventually, this will impact every person who uses a cellphone. The most important item to note is that it will provide faster download speeds and enhanced video streaming quality. It will also give access and enable people to have real-time data. However, with this network still being fairly new, more updates are bound to happen over the next several years. What does that mean for you? It means that you won’t notice the change in your service immediately. For now, 3G and 4G networks are around to stay and will continue to function in addition to the new 5G network. Cell phone carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and TMobile will continue to support these networks for a while until 5G can be applied to all cell phones.

Should I upgrade my phone? 5G phones

The simple answer to this question is no, not necessarily. With all of the advancements that need to be made, cell phones that run on 4G LTE will be around for a while. With that being said, there are a few pros and cons to each side that you may consider before determining whether a new or used phone is the right fit for you.

Used/Pre-owned phones

If you are currently using the same phone that you have had for a few years, or have a pre-owned phone, you’ve hit the jackpot. These phones will be around for a while longer and are the most cost-effective way for you to have a cell phone. If you like the idea of saving money, visiting a reputable store like Jaytronixx will continue saving you money in the long run. Some benefits of taking your phones to Jaytronixx:

  • Your cell phone can be repaired, which in the long run saves you money
  • You don’t have to shell out cash for a brand new phone, saves you money
  • Mods may be available for older phones to update to 5G at some point
  • If you like prepaid phones, the best-prepaid phones are cheaper and run on 4G LTE
  • 5G isn’t available everywhere, and you may live somewhere it is not available
New phones and 5G

It may already go without saying, but the new 5G phones are expensive. And because there really isn’t an urgent need for everyone to switch, it may be more cost-effective to wait until 5G is fully underway before shelling out the large wads of cash. With the newer phones rolling out a couple of times a year, the increasingly more expensive phones also become harder and harder to repair. At some point, when you break one of these new phones, you may have to shell out the money to get a new one. However, if you are sure that you want a new 5G phone, make sure you do these things:

  • Make sure to stretch your dollar further with a new cell phone and no credit check financing
  • Sell your old phone or phones, sell your electronics for cash toward your new phone
  • Trade-in your old phone for cash to get more money towards your next purchase

Whether or not you choose to upgrade your phone is up to you, but make sure you consider all of the items that are important to you before you buy. And when you do buy, make sure you stop by Jaytronixx in Highpoint or Greensboro for all of your new or used cell phone needs!

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Pre-Owned vs New Devices

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between buying a pre-owned device instead or a new device? Have you also wondered if it’s worth it buying pre-owned? If you’re ready to replace your device, you know you’ve got plenty of options. Knowing which kind of device to pick is important, but deciding on how to buy depends on what is most important to you. If you’re considering pre-owned, we are here to share some tips on how to choose a pre-owned device and the quality difference and options for each!

Buying Pre-Owned vs. New

There are several numerous benefits that buying pre-owned phones or devices can give. Some of these benefits, you may not have ever heard or thought about. Others, you might have thought about but didn’t realize how much they impacted the things such as the environment and local business operations. Let’s take an inside look at a few ways that buying pre-owned devices are the better way to go.

Love your environment by recycling

Have you ever thought about your environment and how pre-owned devices and new devices impact the environment? Well, come to find out that not only does buying pre-owned help you and your wallet, but e-waster recycling just so happens to help save the planet. What is e-waste recycling you ask?

  • E-Waste recycling is the disassembly or separation of components and materials from electronics. Buy E-Waste recycling, you are essentially reusing parts and components and raw materials of other devices to reduce environmental impact on simply just “dumping” electronics. You are repurposing them for more use for less impact on the environment.
  • E-Waste recycling conserves natural resources: Recycling recovers valuable materials from old electronics that can be used to make new products. As a result, we save energy, reduce pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save natural resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.
  • Protects Environment: E-waste recycling provides proper handling and management of toxic chemical substances like mercury, lead and cadmium contained in the e-waste stream.
  • Creates Jobs: E-waste recycling creates new jobs for professional recyclers and creates a secondary market for recycled materials.
  • Saves Landfills: E-waste recycling saves unnecessary dumps and landfills.

Technology doesn’t change all that fast

With new device and phone releases happening more often than ever, you’d be surprised to discover that all of those cool new features are not necessarily a hefty upgrade. New releases are happening at a more frequent rate, with some device makers releasing new devices 1-2 a year now. Just because the new iPhone has an additional camera, doesn’t mean that the quality is 1,000% better than the previous model, it just means they added another camera. With that in mind, if you know how much technology is really being updated every year, there is no need to continue buying each new model.

Also, think about all of the money that you can save by buying a refurbished/pre-owned device. You skip having to pay for your current phone on a payment plan and then re-extending the payments. That could be anywhere from $400 a year to over $5000 a year for multiple devices. If you really want to upgrade to a newer phone 1-2 times a year, consider buying pre-owned devices. These pre-0wned devices are often a fraction of the cost of brand new devices and have virtually the same features as the newer phones.

New phones are becoming harder to repair

There have been studies done that show products made by Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are among the hardest devices to repair and upgrade and continue to become increasingly hard to do so. It’s been reported that other companies such as Dell and HP are some of the only companies that make spare parts and repair manuals to the public. The products from companies such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are now being designed in ways that make it difficult for users to repair. This causes the device’s lifespan to be shortened and adds to the growing pile of E-Waste around the world.

If you need a new device fast, test it before buying

Just like buying new clothes, it’s hard to shop online for something you’ve never used before. If you buy from a local trusted store, the pros and capabilities of a local store usually outweigh buying online. For most device users, buying online often doesn’t stack up against the real device. That’s why we always encourage testing devices and products before you buy them. When buying online, you cannot test them to see if you like them, or if they meet your needs.

How often can you buy a device online and receive it the same day? Not often. In addition to buying in a local store and testing the device, you can also get it the same day. Being able to test and purchase a device the same day ensures you can get your device as soon as possible so you can start using it. You are also helping local small businesses by buying from them and helping them give back to the community.

Buy local and from a reputable seller

So now you know that buying pre-owned devices locally is one of the best ways to go when buying electronics. One additional piece to consider is to make sure to buy from a reputable company. Sure, you can certainly pull up Facebook and look on Offerup to see what is out there. Let’s discuss the difference in short of why reputable is better.

Reasons you should buy from reputable sellers like Jaytronixx

  1. At Jaytronixx, all devices pass a 22 point inspection to ensure they are in proper working and mint condition.
  2. All devices include a 90-day worry-free warranty, so if you decide you don’t like your device, you can bring it back.
  3. Jaytronixx gives you the ability to trade-in your old or broken devices for credit or cash.
  4. Genuine accessories are included with your purchase.
  5. Easy financing is available for our devices, often with $0 down and no credit check needed.
  6. All devices that are pre-owned are unlocked and ready to go.

Reasons you shouldn’t buy from Offer up, Facebook, or unreliable sources

  • Do you know for certain the device you are buying doesn’t have hardware damage? Often times you are buying devices as-is. There is no guarantee that they aren’t broken or missing hardware.
  • The device you are buying may have an outstanding balance owed to a carrier. This could result in the phone becoming blacklisted shortly after purchase. Blacklisting often renders the phone useless and results in you losing 100% of the money you just spent.
  • There is a high possibility the device can be locked remotely after purchase.
  • Another consideration to keep in mind is a potential safety issue if you are meeting strangers with cash.

With any electronic device purchase, make sure that you have done your homework and research all of the options. Do not be willing to compromise on quality and reputation just for getting a cheaper phone. Any device purchase, from a brand-new device to a pre-owned device is a big decision and requires a lot of consideration. Determine your absolute must-haves, weigh the pros and cons of cost, reliability, and then come see us at Jaytronixx in Highpoint or Greensboro! Search pre-owned electronics near you!

Why You Should Use an Authorized Apple Service Provider

Let’s run through a scenario. Your Apple Iphone’s screen cracks and you look around to get it repaired. You google that there is an electronics repair service right down the street from your house and plan on taking it there. When you get there, you hand over your device and leave feeling good. They call an hour later and let you know your device is ready, and you head in to pick it up. After picking up your device, you notice that your phone is now telling you the screen is not a genuine screen. You decide to do some research and find out that problems can start if using non-genuine Apple repair parts. In addition, you spent nearly $300 getting your screen fixed and aren’t sure it’s actually fixed.

We never want you to be in a situation like this. So before you head into an unknown store to do your apple screen repair or apple device repair, let’s lay out what could happen if you go to an unauthorized service provider and what that could mean for your safety.

Authorized Apple Repair Service versus Unauthorized Repair Service

Authorized Apple Repair Service

Jaytronixx is part of what is called the “Independent Repair Providers” program through Apple. This simply means that we offer out-of-warranty repairs for Apple devices including iPhones, Mac, and iPad. As an Apple-authorized service provider, we have access to Apple’s genuine parts, tools, training, diagnostics, and resources to perform repairs. This often includes Apple computer parts/Mac parts, Apple iPhone parts, and more.

Unauthorized Repair Service

These companies are not using authorized Apple OEM parts. The parts that these companies usually use are aftermarket and can pose some serious risks to you when operating your Apple device. It may not seem like a big deal, but the problem with aftermarket parts is that you don’t know their quality and how they will hold up. You can get something replaced for $50, but then risk your phone catching on fire or not operating properly. You also don’t know if they are using the right protocols when repairing, which could result in further damage. This may mean that they’re either buying cheap parts, or they have shoddy labor, which can also cause an issue. On the newer phones such as the Apple Iphone 12, if the camera is replaced, the phone stops working properly. Let’s talk about what further damage could look like.

Phone Damage

Your first thought when trying to repair your device is trying to pick somewhere that’s fast, friendly, and cheap. Well, we are here to tell you that there’s more to that than meets the eye. One of the problems that come from using an unauthorized repair center is the phone damage that can and most often results. This includes overheating and even injury to you from the device. Your touch screen functionality might not work correctly. Your ambient light sensor might not work correctly and your display may not be correctly calibrated and more.

You’re Flagged Permanently

After you go to an unauthorized repair shop, Apple is able to tell that their genuine parts weren’t used. They are able to permanently flag your device that shows it having undergone unauthorized repair. If you’re still inside the Apple Warranty window, you automatically void your warranty by doing an unauthorized repair.

Why does it matter?

You might be asking yourself, well why does it matter? I can just take my chances and be good. In reality, there are many benefits to making sure to come to Apple repair centers like Jaytronixx for your repairs.

The Benefits

The Apple IRP program is heavily regulated by Apple, which ensures those stores deliver exceptional customer service to the highest level. As Jaytronixx is an authorized Apple service provider, when you come to us, you are getting the best possible service with all the original equipment manufacturer parts. Some other benefits of coming to Jaytronixx for repairs include:

  • Obtaining parts directly from Apple in order to complete repairs
  • All our technicians go through technician certification which educates our staff on conducting proper Apple diagnostics, repairs, modifications, alterations, and upgrades on all Apple products
  • We continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards, and demand excellence with all of our repairs which sets us apart from the rest
  • Access to OEM tools
  • Access to diagnostic software from Apple
  • Inclusion in Apple’s resource locator system, which enables you to find our nearest store via the Apple website

Now that you know and understand why it’s important to go to an Apple Authorized repair center, make sure to research a store within Apple’s IRP first before getting your Apple device repaired. We are continuing to use the most premium, highest grade aftermarket parts for all of your devices. If you are in the High Point, NC and Greensboro, NC areas, we are the only authorized 3rd party repair store in the area! Come in or call us today to get your Apple device repaired. As a part of the IRP program, you know you are getting quality repair on all of your Apple devices!


Jaytronixx Safety Measures During COVID-19

We are continuing to closely monitor the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and how it has impacted the safety of our customers and community. Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of what we’re doing to keep you safe. We are continuing to monitor the latest news regarding the pandemic and will continue following all precautionary measures from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

We realize the important role mobile devices play in our everyday life. That is why we are doing everything we can to remain open and be here for you if you need us.

Ongoing Safety Precautions

The safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority. To ensure we continue to serve you safely, please take a look at some of the changes we have implemented:

  • Our website now has a 24hr chat option if you need technical assistance.
  • Sit down waiting areas in all locations have been removed.
  • We are now opening 1 hour later and closing 1 hour earlier to allow our staff time to clean and sanitize the entire store everyday.
  • All devices are cleaned and sanitized before and after handling and repair, every time.
  • We are sealing devices after cleaning in stay safe bags.
  • You can schedule a repair online by visiting our website HERE.

Contactless Device Repair

We are also now offering free pick up and drop off services! A tech will drive to your location, pick up your device, repair it, clean it, sanitize and seal it. They will then bring it back to you and you can pay contact free! We can repair your device at your home, business or job site or fix your device on the spot in our repair van.

A Thank You

In addition to all of our sanitization precautions, we also want to recognize those that are on the front lines during this pandemic. We are giving these heroes a special discount:

  • All healthcare employees will receive 20% off ANY repair.
  • All first responders will receive 20% off ANY repair.
  • All Teachers and college students will receive 20% Off ANY repair.

More Inventory, Easy Financing

The majority of workers are working from home and kids are now attending school online. With all of the changes to our daily routines, we want to make sure that you have everything you need. We have stocked up on all inventory including laptops and iPads. We want you to be able to save your dollars and not have to worry about getting your devices. We have also made it super easy for you to purchase anything that you need, including cell phones with no credit check and no deposit. Finance your phone on your favorite wireless networks including AT&T wireless plans, Verizon wireless plans, T-Mobile plans, boost mobile plans and more!

In addition to all of these ongoing safety measures, we are instructing our staff to remain home if they have any symptoms of illness. We ask our customers to operate using the same precautions for the safety of everyone and our staff. These are truly unprecedented times, but as a community we will get through this together. Thank you all for the continued support! We take your safety very seriously and will continue to serve our customers and community!

Additionally, if you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC ( website.


5 Things to Do Before Trading in Your Old Phone

Apple is expecting to release more information about the new Iphone 12 on October 13th, 2020. Is all the buzz about the new smartphone making you itch to upgrade to a new phone? You might be wondering – “how do I trade in my old phone for the most cash and get the new iPhone 12?”. Great question! Here are 5 ways to help you get that new Iphone AND top dollar for your old phone!

1. Repair your phone first

Often times when you have an old phone, it’s really seem some tough love. You might have a cracked screen, or your phone won’t charge at night when you plug it in. All of these are common issues for any older phone you’ve had for a while. In order to maximize your dollar towards your new phone, make sure to get these issues fixed. If you don’t get your Iphone screen repaired, you might get nothing for it. You might think it doesn’t matter, but fixing your phone could fetch top dollars. Taking the time to get it fixed helps ensure you get more money!

2. Make sure you have all the parts

You might think that having the original phone charger doesn’t matter. When you are looking to make money off it, that’s simply false. Resale shops may not care so much about the box, but to sell your phone for top dollar, original condition is best. The closer you have your phone to original condition, the more appealing. It also shows that you took great care of it, increasing it’s value!

3. Trade it in or sell for cash

The question people always ask when looking to trade in their old phone is, how much cash or money can I get from it? The answer is that it depends. There are numerous factors to whether or not you will receive top dollar, but one factor that some people don’t think about is: Sell it for cash or Trade it in? We can assist you with that! Let’s explore your options to see what works best for you.

Sell your phone for cash

This option is great for you to trade in your phone for cold hard cash. You can get a great price for your phone if you sell it for cash (especially if the other steps in this article are followed) and it allows you to take a look at our phone options if you aren’t sure which size or model phone you are interested in. You can also use your cold hard cash as a down payment on your next phone, which can lead to lower monthly payments if you are financing.

Trade in your phone for credit

This is buy far the easiest option and has numerous benefits that most don’t think about. Some companies will run promotions when a new phone (especially Iphones) come out, to help people who are looking for a newer phone get more money for their old one. This typically looks like an “extra $100 towards your trade-in” or it also may come with an option to finance your phone monthly at a lower cost with a guaranteed phone finance. You can get some great deals trading in your phone and even more so when deals are going on.

4. Clean it

Don’t forget this step. The cleaner your phone the better, which often makes for more money if you are looking for a new phone. If your screen has fingerprints all over it and your speaker has ear crust in it, then chances are no one is going to want to buy your phone. Presentation matters. 99% of the time, your phone will be inspected regardless of where you take it to assess it’s condition. Dirty phones appear poorly maintained and may cost you money.

Back it up and wipe it

You’d be surprised how often this one small part is missed when trading in a phone. This step is so important, we made sure to put it in the top five things to do before either selling your phone or trading in your phone for cash. Don’t forget to back up your phone so you don’t lose your 1,500 photos that you’ve taken over the past year. You can easily back it up to the cloud before you come in, or make sure to do it before you hand it over to get it inspected. Then after you get your phone backed up and everything transferred over on your new phone, wipe the memory! Don’t leave your personal information and photos on the old device to ensure no one takes your stuff.

5. Time it right

Do your research. The new Apple Iphone comes out in the fall almost every year. Normally around the time a new phone is released, carriers and shops will do promotions where they will either give you more money for your trade-in, cash or they may have special financing terms such as cell phones with no credit check and no deposit. Time it and play your cards right, and you may be able to snag even more special promotions and cell phone financing!

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